Free Counseling Consultation

Three Stones Counseling rates are the same for individual, couples and family counseling sessions.

FREE Introductory Phone Consultation
$90.00 55 Minute Session
$45.00  25 Additional Minute Increments



For persons unable to afford the full fee for counseling, a reduced fee may be negotiated.  For those persons who desire counseling but have few available resources, I can provide you with low-cost counseling referrals.


Three Stones Counseling is an out-of-network provider. Counseling will be covered to the extent that your health insurance covers out-of-network counseling services.  Payment in full is required by check, cash, or major credit card at the beginning of each session.  Your counselor will provide you with the necessary documentation needed to submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement. It is suggested that you call the number listed on the back of your insurance card to inquire about your specific out-of-network counseling benefits.
Another good way to pay for services is to check into flexible spending plans and/ or health savings plans with your employer. Both of these plans use pre-taxed funds that you set aside for counseling services and other medical expenses.

As a general rule, whole balances will not be carried, and sessions will be provided only when payment arrangements are made in advance; this includes charges for previous no-show or missed appointments (appointments canceled without 24 hours of advanced notice).



Counseling sessions are generally based on a 55 minute counseling hour and weekly sessions are encouraged.  This allows 5 minutes after each session for note-taking, treatment planning, and other administrative duties.  Weekly appointments are encouraged for the sake of consistency and the ease of building on the previous session. Depending on your individual goals bi-weekly sessions, bi-monthly sessions or maintenance sessions can be scheduled.  Counseling services may be discontinued at any time and your counselor encourages discussion around terminating services when you feel ready.